TAHODC serves as the primary driver for venturing into fresh possibilities within data analytics, the Internet of Things, digital PBX systems, and other emerging technologies that align with the UNIMAS ICT Strategic Plan 2021-2025. This endeavor aims to actualize the vision of delivering sustainable digital services.
Tun Abang Haji Openg Digital Centre (TAHODC)


Tun Abang Haji Openg Digital Centre

Pembinaan Bangunan Tun Abang Haji Openg Digital Centre (TAHODC) merupakan langkah penting di dalam agenda transformasi pendigitalan UNIMAS ke arah menjadikan UNIMAS sebuah Hub ICT yang signifikan kepada pembangunan dan transformasi digital Wilayah Sarawak dan pengajian tinggi negara.

Pembinaan ruang dan kemudahan ICT baharu yang bernilai RM12 juta ini, hasil kutipan derma wakaf daripada warga UNIMAS, individu dan sumbangan pihak korporat akan menjadi pemangkin kepada anjakan adaptasi teknologi Revolusi Perindustrian (IR), Data Analitik, Kecerdasan Buatan (AI) dan teknologi disruptif yang mampu merubah landskap pengajaran, pembelajaran, penyelidikan dan pentadbiran UNIMAS serta menjadi penyumbang kepada agenda pendigitalan Wilayah Sarawak.

Professor Datuk Dr Mohamad Kadim Bin Suaidi


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UNIMAS was first certified ISMS (ISO/IEC 27001:2007) by SIRIM QAS International Sdn. Bhd. in 2013. ISO/IEC 27001 is a compliance standard which requires establishing, implementing, maintaining and continually improvement to an information security management system in an organization.

ICT Awareness

Not only computer security something all staff members and students alike need to be aware of and understand, it’s something anyone who utilises the Internet must master. Hackers, identity thieves, scammers, and online criminals are becoming increasingly devious and sophisticated.


We've strategically crafted a five-year action plan aimed at enhancing the accessibility of comprehensive digital services. This involves fortifying our ICT infrastructure and infostructure to ensure both security and inclusivity. Additionally, we're reinforcing our ICT governance function through strategic partnerships.

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Tag IT is a tailored publication focused on technology and information, designed to meet the specific interests and needs of a particular audience or organization. It covers topics such as the latest trends in IT, software updates, industry insights, and customized content that aligns with the preferences and requirements of its intended readership.



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Our Extensive Range of Services

Application Development
Create, enhance, and maintain software applications that cater to specific organizational needs. The ultimate goal is to deliver high-quality, reliable, and innovative software solutions that align with the overall objectives and strategies of UNIMAS.
Data Centre
Manage and maintain the organization's data infrastructure. This involves overseeing the physical and virtual components of the data center, including servers, storage systems, networking equipment, and associated technologies.
Network Infrastructure
Design, implement, and maintain the organization's network infrastructure. We focuses on the planning, deployment, and management of the networking components that enable communication and data transfer within and outside the organization.
ICT Security
To safeguard an organization's information, communication systems, and digital assets from unauthorized access, data breaches, cyber threats, and other security risks.
Technical Support
Provide assistance, guidance, and resolution to users experiencing issues with technology products or services to ensure the smooth and effective use of technology within UNIMAS.
Technical Training
Develop and deliver training programs that enhance the knowledge, skills, and proficiency of individuals in specific technical areas. We empower our staff with the technical expertise needed for their roles, fostering continuous learning, and contributing to the overall success and innovation of UNIMAS.
Product Commercialisation
Strategically bring a product from development to market, ensuring successful launch, market penetration, and sustained growth. These involves comprehensive planning, effective communication, and strategic execution to ensure a product's successful introduction and sustained growth in the marketplace.

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