Inovasi Santai (Inosan)

What is Inosan?

Inovasi Santai (InoSan) or “Free & Easy Innovation” was formed to recognise the contribution of the staff in Centre for IT Development & Services (CITDS) UNIMAS, who has achieved in contributing creative and innovative ideas which can bring changes to the division’s work processes and can increase the effectiveness of quality services. It was introduced in 2016 and organised in a relaxing manner. The themes were decided by CITDS’ management. The purpose of InoSan was to perceive explicitly how the divisions in CITDS can bring changes to their work, based on the themes assigned to them.

InoSan Objectives

The main objectives of InoSan were to encourage the staff to think outside the box and to seek a solution in improving the method of executing their job in their division. Though it looks simple and easy, it produced great impacts and effects.

Participation Requisite

The requirement for participation is very simple. It is open to all divisions in CITDS which required involvement of member’s collaboration. Each division has to submit at least one (1) submission. The proposed innovation must be implemented in that participated year and it must produce positive results in improving their work processes & productivity rate, effectiveness for their work processes and guaranteed customer’s satisfaction.

Any innovation that had won in any competition including InSP before this is not eligible.

Each contestant is given 15 minutes to present their innovation, whereby the first 10 minutes is for the topic presentation and the other 5 minutes is for questions and answers session.

The official juries selected are consist of CITDS’ management, three (3) from each division or selected external juries from outside CITDS. In 2017, the juries were from three other PTjs. They were Dr. Mohammad bin Hossin (FSKTM), Puan Siti Lydiawati binti Sahmat (CALM) and Cik Dayang Norsheila binti Abang Mohtar (CAIS).

After completed all the presentations, the juries were given 10 minutes to make evaluation and decision to choose the winner for the Outstanding Innovation and Potential Innovation. The juries also required to take into consideration the criteria that have been set for the evaluation.

Evaluation Criterias

The winner is chosen based on three (3) main criterias.


Issues or problems that need to be rectified and devising the innovation strategies


Outcome of innovation before and after the implementation, involvement of members/stakeholders and also the support, participation and commitment from the staff in the division


Planning of innovation’s expansion to other departments/users

Prizes & Recognition

All the presented innovations will be given prizes, recognition certificate and these innovations will be highlighted in CITDS’ official portal and social media. Every candidate involved in the innovations will also be evaluated on their achievement in the year-end LNPT.

InoSan 2017 Activities

Following were the activities conducted in 2017:

InoSan: Bil. 1/2017 Ke-4

Activities were conducted on the 9th of May 2017 with the theme “New Things”. There were four participations which carries the titles: Summary Info Perolehan – (by BPSK), Virtual Private Network (VPN) – (by BISP), Pengurusan Projek Yang Efektif Dengan Office 365 Planner – (by BAKad) and 1st Time Explore “Forms” Dalam Office 365 – (by BPSI). The evaluations of juries have come to a conclusion with verdict to present BAKad with the Outstanding Innovation on the title Pengurusan Projek Yang Efektif Dengan Office 365 Planner. The rest were presented with the Potential Innovation.


InoSan: Bil. 2/2017 Ke-5

The second InoSan for 2017 was conducted on the 4th of August 2017 with the theme “Making Ideas Happen”. The participation involved three division and each with their title: Live Streaming – (by BISP), Senibina Aplikasi Pelajar - (by BAKad) and Super UAT – (by BPSI). Outstanding Innovation was awarded to BPSI with the title Super UAT. BISP and BAKad were awarded with Potential Innovation.


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