Email Services

As of 1st Mac 2017 UNIMAS have been Officially using Microsoft Office 365 to replace our old email platform which was IBM Lotus Notes. Our new URL to access this portal is (without the www). Microsoft Office 365 offers more than just an email platform. It’s a package which includes a whole lot of Microsoft applications such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook (email), Skype and much more. Staff and students are entitled to Microsoft Office licenses; 5 for computers/notebooks, tablets (5) and smartphones (5).

Siswa Email

UNIMAS Siswa email will retain its old email ID which is known as Office 365 offers a tremendous inbox upgrade compare to our previous platform which is 50GB per inbox, and students will also enjoy up to 1TB of One Drive storage along with other services offered by Office 365. Student ID will be automatically created, and the login credentials are shared across all other applications and systems in UNIMAS.

Staff Email

UNIMAS staff email will also be retaining its old id which is All the features and privileges are similar to that was given to students. The login credentials can be used in most of applications offered in UNIMAS.

Video Conference

This video conference services, conduct a conference between two or more participants at different sites to transmit audio and video data. We have two (2) sets of video conferencing equipment and one (1) unit of portable video conference equipment. The former is located at the Chancellery and the Centre for Academic Information Services buildings. The portable set on the other hand is available at CITDS.

Applications to acquire the video conference services can be made via UNIMAS UNIMAS Support

SMS Gateway

UNIMAS SMS Gateway is a Short Messaging System (SMS) offered to UNIMAS community. The purpose is to disseminate information via SMS blasting. The SMS platform is provided by MAMPU in collaboration with DAPAT Vista Sdn. Bhd.

SMS Services offered:

• Information-on-Demand:

- Exam result
- Student's BSN ID
- UNIMAS Address
- BPPs Address
- CITDS Address
- Names and numbers of Faculties, Centres and Institutes

• Document-on-Demand:

- ICT Policy

This SMS services is charge according to the SMS services used respectively.

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