These documents provides users with principles, rules and guidelines pertaining to the proper use of existing UNIMAS ICT resources for teaching, research, administration and other scholarly activities in line with best practices and the current laws governing the use of ICT in the country. Users of ICT resources are advised to read and to be familiar with this policy.

These policy documents are to be complied with, and any violation of the rules and procedures stated in this policy may result in disciplinary and legal actions. UNIMAS ICT Policies govern the usage and governance of ICT resources in UNIMAS.

UNIMAS ICT Usage Policy

UNIMAS ICT Governance Policy

The Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT) Unimas governs all matters concerning the security of ICT resources through-out UNIMAS.

Dasar Keselamatan ICT (DKICT) UNIMAS

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